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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The first post in a million years? I'm probably going through biodegradation now.

My week at home was suffering. Yes, I was sickly sick, and I haven't been able to go out yet. The virus just struck me at the wrong time. This is what I call "sueyy". I've been unlucky for most of the time anyways. Never getting what I really wanted, not meaning the things that can be bought, but the ones that are priceless. But I guess that's the way life is...and I should be happy?

Oh well, my next biggest hope(other than doing well for mid-year) is to go on another solitary flight to the outback. I want to probably spend the whole month of June there. Yeah I want this really badly.


Fooled by heart.
Friday, February 19, 2010


I was busy like shit lately and didn't have the time to blog. Sighs, exams are in a week plus. I'll say that I'm nervous I guess...failed my English class test, which was just shocking for me. I passed my other class tests and I hope I didn't fail my History Test.
I find some people, especially the guys in my class very irritating..CHILDISH! It's like telling them to shut the f*ck up but they wouldn't...wth...

CNY was pretty awesome. I took loads of photos, and I've yet to upload them onto Facebook!

Anyways, I should say that life is hard? and getting more and more boring..? sighs.

I hope for miracles to happen. Reality.

'waiting....still waiting...gone...'
Friday, February 5, 2010

YESTERDAY WAS ORSOMEE!!! Anyways, yesterday I went back to WDP to visit teachers with En, Py, and Jx!!! Friggin happy to see them. All become so chio liao! hehhehhehheh. Took many pictures and I've yet to upload them to facebook!
So after school I took mrt with Yue Xin to cwp. Then met Bee En and Pei yee there. Waited there for awhile then we saw Jia Suan. hahaas. I was hungry cause' I didn't eat since 11am. So we walked to Mac, changed our minds then went to KFC for some food! muahahas. I'm not very fond of KFC but the food was pretty good. After awhile, Jiaxin came so we went up to her car and her mom drove us to WDP!!!
We were like restricted when we were there. Atfirst we weren't allowed to enter, so we waited outside. Then the security guard allowed us to go in after it started to rain. Then stayed in the foyer and waited for awhile. Chatted and stuff. It felt so great to be together again!

School's so stressful now. phew...so many tests going on. Can't wait for CNY which is just a week away!!! WHOOTAYE! I can imagine the money I'll be collecting soonn!!!! muahahaharrs. hehe

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Firstly, wanna wish Philip a very happy belated birthday!

Anyways, yesterday was the best yet most awesomest day! Jamie ahyi and Kanpa(god father) came back from Australia for a few days. Kelly ahyi came back for a few days too. And we spent the whole day together, shopping and walking around. Then after dinner, they decided to go to Zouk(pub), too bad I was underage to go. So grandma and I went back to Kelly ahyi's hotel to rest while they were dressing up and ready to go to Zouk. Mom was supposed to get back in an hour and then we'll drive back home. In the end, they only came back to the hotel at 3am(24th Jan) and we had to stay there instead. (wait for me! 4 more years and I'll be boogying with you guys!)
Today we went for brunch at a restaurant in Hyatt. We had buffet there. The food was delicious!! Everyone was like bloated when we left. hahaha. Jamie ahyi and Kanpa had to leave for something, it was the last time I would be seeing them so gave them a big hug! I hated to say goodbye.
This short gathering made me REALLY realise how important family was when it came to love and support. I can imagine if grandpa was still here, how much fun it would have been with him around....

Anyways, I'm actually having a headache and a lil fever now. Sighs. Wanna puek on everyone...weeeee

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today was just hyper like hyper active! WOOOOooooo! I've just gone mad. Sweet.
I can't believe that I fell asleep in class yesterday. I was sleeping then suddenly I heard people saying "Good Morning Mr.Chew" and I just jumped up from my table then greeted the teacher. I was the last person to stand up. Bad impression man...and especially when the teacher is my Math teacher...shit.

There's a Science class test tomorrow =/

To all boys who are idiots. Do not simply call girls names unless you love being SLAPped. Suck it...

Monday, January 18, 2010

"Someone" thinks my blog is rotting. Qian da. heh heh heh. So I better post luuhh..

Well, today was just all SMILES=D. Firstly, I got into fencing!!! WEEEEeeee!! Secondly, I'm just happy for no apparent reason. haha.

Today after recess was just so embarrasing. lols! I was walking with Fiona, then I laughed and my head banged on this guy's face(I think his name was Christian). I turned around and he was my class prefect. shit. He apologised, and I only apologised after getting back to class. heh heh. ps sia. Who told him to walk so closely behind. = = Now his nose must be hurting so badly. hahaaa..

So after school, Kim's parents fetched her home instead, so I was the only one. I was expecting Bee En to be on the bus!! roarrr...bt she stayed back I guess. sighs.

Tomorrow staying back for a stupid Chinese Calligraphy thing which is compulsory for all sec 1. Now I have to skip tuition again. walao.

Friggin' tired...tired...tiring...tired...Zzzz

I'M THE MISSING MACHINE. XD Miss everyone so mucherr!
Saturday, January 16, 2010


Came back from camp yesterday. Rate it 8/10. I loved the haunted house. Awesomee kayyzz...although it's not that freaky but it was fun, all the screaming and yelling. WEEEeeeee! We did alot of yelling, especially for the cheers. The games weren't that fun. The worst thing about the camp was the food. Tasted like shit, not that bad but still edible. No choice, cause' I was like starving.

Today I tompang Re Ae's car to go to school for the CCA Carnival. They were just showcasing loads of performances by the various CCA's. The festival drums were just awesome. WHOOTS. Now I'm not sure what to put on the form. Then Timothy was on stage dancing. LMAO. Friggin hell funny. He made Re Ae and I promise him that we'll put International Dance as 2nd or 3rd choice. hehhehheh. So far, Re Ae and I decided to go for:
1) Fencing
2)International Dance
3)Festival drums
4)NPCC. (they made it compulsory for us to put a UG as one of our choices =/)

I'm just dying to get into Fencing or Festival drums!!! Cool CCA's!!

Anyways, I'm tired...really really tired....dead. ( Even though I only needed to wake up at 4.50am cause' I was at my cousin's house for the week. ) =D

--Oh, and there were these two guys who friggin looked like Jerry Lee. OMFG. I'm going nuts....lalala...stare stare-- <3